Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vintage everywhere

I've been a bit busy since we moved here at the beginning of December, but I have been taking photographs and noticing when I see something worth blogging, and so I am playing catch-up with a few posts about places I visited before Christmas.

One of the noticeable things about Lincolnshire is that there are good charity shops everywhere, and many of them have a vintage and collectable section which has been separate from the rest.  I first came across this in Louth, where the Sue Ryder foundation shop has a whole floor devoted to Vintage and collectable above the charity shop there.  There are also a number of specialist shops which have an interest for the vintage collector.   One of the nicest I've visited was Mr Bojangles in Lincoln, which has an eclectic mix of clothing and household items, along with uniforms and the odd guitar. 

We spotted the sign leading away from Steep Hill in Lincoln and investigated the shop, where we found the proprietor a little disgruntled by a letter he'd received from the council asking him to remove his sign from Steep Hill.  As it was that very sign which had led us to the shop, we could understand why this had upset him, and agreed that it was most definitely not an eyesore or in the way of pedestrians. 

There are a lot of charity shops with vintage sections on the way up Steep Hill, which is aptly named - fortunately most of the charity shops seem to be at the bottom end.  There are several shops with Vintage in them, as well as the Dickensian antique shop, which only accepts cash and has glass cases filled with interesting artefacts.  I arrived just before Christmas hoping to buy something I had seen on a previous visit, but as luck would have it, the buyer before me bought that.  I did find some nice coins and a clay pipe though.  For a vintage collector, Lincoln is certainly worth a visit.

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