Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunshine and showers at home in Market Rasen

It's been a funny day - first wet and windy and then sunny and warm and then back to dark and showery again.  I've got rid of a load of old tiles which were clogging up the washroom, all the old paint tins left by the previous occupant and some miscellaneous metal supports which could have gone to the metal dealer, but life's too short frankly.  They're all gone.

Catching a sunny period, I put the vegetable peelings in the compost bin and then planted up the herbs I got from the Mr Big market last weekend - mint, lovage, oregano and chives in one planter and tangerine sage, coriander and parsley in the other.

I've started pulling up the wild geranium in the front garden as it is taking over the place, and trimming back the holly, and intended to go on with that, but it started raining again.  This is April's showery weather arriving halfway through May....

I received my book about permaculture yesterday and bought a book on organic gardening in the Lincolnshire Cats shop during the week.  I think the weather is just right for a cup of tea and to read them and plan out my course of action with the garden.

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