Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farm shopping

Going to farm shops is something that's normally been restricted to holidays and occasional trips to the country, but there is a wonderful farm shop between Market Rasen and Tealby which we are now visiting regularly, called Sunnyside Up. 

We first visited on the day we moved into our house at Market Rasen, when the wind was high and the Grimsby Fish van was in the car park, which is normal for a Friday (outside the holiday period).  The farm shop has a lot to offer, having a vegetable shed, butchers, cheese counter and a lot else inside.

We've quickly become devoted to Cote Hill Blue, a wonderful soft blue cheese made with unpasturized milk, and to Lincolnshire Poacher, a very strong hard cheese somewhere between cheddar and Parmesan.  At times when the cheese shops run short of these (before Christmas), the farm shop still had them, as did the greengrocers in Market Rasen.

Yesterday, after a cup of coffee and a teacake in the restaurant, we bought a boned and rolled cockerel for New Year's Day dinner, and a round of Cote Hill Blue, as well as a few naughty but nice cut-price items from the shop and a sack of King Edwards.  It's a lot more fun and satisfying than a trip to the supermarket.  This pictures are from our previous visit, at the beginning of December, when the Grimsby van was there.

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