Sunday, January 5, 2014

Market Day

The first Saturday of the month is a special market day for Market Rasen and so, despite the cold and wet weather, we went along to show our support for the market.  From what I have read, there is sometimes a theme for the special markets, but currently there wasn't any information that I could find to explain what the market was going to be.

It was wet and windy and pretty horrible as we left the house.  My daughter is up from London for a few days to celebrate her birthday next week and came with us.  I wasn't sure that *any* of the market stalls would actually have set up in the weather.
 We found a few stalls had braved the miserable day, and bought a dozen eggs from Mr Plewes of Beasthorpe Farm, boxes of double yolkers which were delicious when my daughter and I ate them for brunch on our return from town.

We asked (as ignorant townies) how he could be sure they were double-yolked, and he told us that he could see using a light whether an egg held a single or double yolk.

We moved on to the lovely pork butcher's across the market place, where the lovely man from Redhill Farm was selling pork pies, bacon and ham among other things.  We bought a pork pie and some of the ham, which was also eaten for brunch, along with mushrooms from the vegetable stall.

Among the other stalls we saw were the aforementioned fruit and vegetable stall, an artisan bread stall, a handmade toiletries stall, lingerie stall, flower stall, garden ornaments, bird food and pet requisites, hog roast stall.  Here's hoping for better weather for next month's special market!

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